How to shop and ship from US like a pro

Whether you’re a business owner looking for new ways to increase your profits, or an individual who wants to buy products from the US at a lower cost without paying excessive shipping fees, Shop and Ship is the solution. Shipping directly from the US allows us to offer competitive prices on items that are readily available across the border. We also provide expedited delivery so you don’t have to wait weeks or more for those products. If you want quality service and a quick turnaround time, we can help!

Shop and Ship is the solution to your shipping woes. With Shop and Ship, you can purchase products at a lower cost, have them shipped directly to your doorstep from the US and get expedited delivery. You don’t want to wait weeks or more for products that are readily available across the border? Shop with us today!

How to Shop and Ship from US?

Here are the most common steps when you are using a shop and ship from US service.

1. Shop online to see if your favorite products are available on the site.

2. Add products to your shopping cart, continue shopping, or check out right away!

3. Fill in or adjust your order information and proceed to Secure Checkout.

4. Enter the product details and choose your shipping method. We usually recommend choosing Expedited Shipping as it provides you with a tracking number and fast delivery, but there are other options such as Priority Mail as well.

5. Add the address of the Shop and Ship US warehouse we have provided you in the United States to your address book.

6. Continue shopping or check out.

7. Enter your payment information using PayPal, credit card or e-check. This step is quick and secure! You should then receive an email that you have successfully made a purchase at our site.

8. Once your package is picked up for shipping, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your package. Watch for this email as it could come any time during that day or the next. If you have not received this email by the end of that business day then please contact us to inquire about your order status.

Why use Shop and Ship services?

There are several reasons why you should use Shop and Ship from the US. Family and friends living in the US can not purchase products for you and ship them to your home all the time, of course, they have a life of their own. But that’s not all, here we explain what other benefits you get with shop and ship from US services.

  • You can save money by purchasing products at a lower cost.
  • No need to wait weeks or more for products that are readily available across the border. Get your orders faster with Expedited Shipping!
  • Track your packages with ease using our tracking number notifications system.
  • Safe and secure payment methods – use PayPal, credit card or e-check.
  • Shop and Ship from the US has you covered when it comes to great gift ideas for friends and family living abroad.
  • Get your products at a lower cost by taking advantage of our discount coupon codes!

Ready to start your shop and ship from US experience, click here to contact us and commence.

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